I have been reading Frank Viola’s book, Insurgence, with two of my friends.  We’ve been discussing the book for a few weeks now.


Here are some quotes which represent some of the ideas discussed in the book:

“Properly conceived, the Christian life is one of beholding, enjoying, and reflecting the beauty of Christ.  It is essential that we become fascinated, gripped, and captivated by the Lord.  If not, we will struggle with boredom, and our hearts will be vulnerable to pursue other things.” (p.53)

“Put another way, the early Christians were seen as insurgents.  They switched all their allegiances to Jesus Christ.” (p.85)

“The messages of John (the Baptist), and later Jesus and Paul, was a call to join the insurgence.  One that contained no violence, no armed conflict, and no rebellious overthrow.  Rather, the insurgence that John announced was built on a subversive message that people believed, lived out, and heralded to others.  It constituted a nonviolent revolution, a quiet revolt against the present order.” (p.97)

“In sum, the kingdom of God includes the King (the ruler), God’s reign (rulership), and the people ruled (realm).  Again, the kingdom is the manifestation of God’s ruling presence.  And His ruling presence is manifested in and through Jesus and in and through God’s people.” (p.106)

“Whenever Jesus is enthroned by a group of people today, that’s where the kingdom of God is.  Wherever a group of people submit to the kingdom of Christ, the kingdom of God is in their midst and they experience righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (p.120)

“The kingdom of God is already but not yet.  In other words, the kingdom is here (already), but it hasn’t arrived in its fullness (yet).  The kingdom is present, yet it’s future.” (p.121)

“The gospel of the kingdom is scandalous.  And so it brings great opposition.” (p.137)

“…countless Christians embrace an ambition to do something great for God.  But if you peel back the layers of that onion, self is lurking behind it all.  Indeed, the pleasure of being used, recognized, and seen as valuable to God must be laid upon the altar and burnt to ashes.  The altar means the willingness to lose our reputations.” (p.188)

“Desperation is the currency of God’s kingdom.  The more desperate you are, the more ground you taken in the kingdom.” (p.194)

“In short, the best way to renew your love for Christ is to review His love for you.” (p.197)

“Therefore, we are deluded whenever we lessen the sins we’ve committed and magnify the sins of others…whatever they might be.  Let us, therefore, be harsh with ourselves in the matter of sin and compassionate to everyone else.” (p.225)

“…the clock is ticking on the world system.  One day it will pass away.  And that’s one of the greatest revelations you and I can have in terms of breaking loose from any attachment we have to it.  The world system is doomed.” (p.254)

“How we spend our time and money reveals where we stand with the kingdom of God more than anything else.  Those two things reveal whether or not we are part of heaven’s culture or the world’s.” (p.275)

“Whenever kingdom-minded people own a possession, they don’t view it as their own property.  Instead, they are keenly aware that everything they own belongs to the Lord as well as to their fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.” (p.281)


Finally, I have had fun continuing to send out a quote of the day to my family via text.  Here’s the quote from last Thursday by M. Scott Peck, “Problems do not go away.  They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.”

I just started a subscription to two magazines which I would recommend, Christian History and Modern Reformation.

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