Hell and Other Destinations

I recently started reading Madeline Albright’s memoir, Hell and Other Destinations, about her experiences since stepping down as the Secretary of State.  She is an amazing woman and it is fascinating to read about her life.  Here’s a sample paragraph from a chapter I just finished,

“The problem, of course, is that we are all so busy using time-saving devices that we don’t have time for anything else.  We may understand what it means to answer the call of conscience, but instead of acting on that understanding, we tend to wait – until we are out of school, until we can afford a down payment on a house, until we can pay for our children’s education, until we can free up time in retirement, until we can take that vacation we have always dreamed about.  We keep waiting until we run out of ‘untils.’  Then it is too late.”

I would highly recommend this book.



Here is a fun vocabulary word that I learned today on my vocab.com app that made me think of my wife: pulchritudinous (person of breathtaking beauty).


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