Vocab is Fun!!

Vocab is Fun!  And, Here’s Proof.

I think expanding my vocabulary is fun.  It’s very cool when I encounter (and understand) a word I have recently learned.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been spending some time each day using the Vocab.com app.  I have been telling others about this cool app, but so far I only have one confirmed “convert” who is also enjoying it.

Here’s a sampling of some words I have been learning today:

  • Malapropos – I understand the word, “apropos” but I had never encountered this word. It helps to know another language (Spanish, in my case) because mal means “bad” in Spanish so I was able to guess that this word means inappropriate.  The definition specifically says that this adjective is used to describe something that is awkwardly unsuitable for the situation or setting at hand.
  • Untoward – Actually, this word also describes something inappropriate (or offensive).
  • Funambulist – Someone who walks on a tightrope.


  • Physiognomy – The appearance of someone’s face.
  • Vertiginous – To be dizzy and woozy (a disorienting feeling).  This is what I would experience if I was a funambulist!
  • Numismatist – a coin collector


  • Preen – primp and pay careful attention to how you dress or puff yourself up or self-congratulate yourself
  • Codswallop – nonsense or silliness, ridiculous
  • Pellucid – easy to understand, clear/transparent
  • Palliate – make something less bad/relieve symptoms or consequences of something

Warning: if you try to incorporate too many new words into your vocabulary, you will probably irritate one or more of the members of your family!

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