Are We Done Yet

Here are some quotes from the Conclusion of the book I recently finished, Biblical Authority After Babel: Retrieving the Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity.  I’m finding the best way to write about this particular book is to share some of the quotes that I have enjoyed:

  • “Protestant evangelicalism is not simply another name for ‘lowest common denominator’ Christianity.  The mere Protestant Christianity that I have advocated in these pages is neither ‘generic Protestantism’ nor ‘diluted catholicism’.” “Could it be that the various Protestant traditions function similarly as witnesses who testify to the same Jesus from different situations and perspectives?” (p. 223)
  • “Rather, it takes the discussion (conference) between the many Protestant churches to appreciate fully the richness of the one gospel.  The particularity of each Protestant tradition is thus not a source of conflict but a servant of unity – the unity of the truth of the gospel.”  “…evangelicalism offers a trans-denominational denominator that makes Protestantism not a pervasive interpretive pluralism but a unitive interpretive plurality – a mere Protestant Christianity.” (p. 224)
  • “The fruit of the Protestant Reformation is ultimately not anarchy (pervasive interpretive pluralism) but abundance (unitive interpretive plurality).” (p. 226)


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